Since 2014, we have led the effort to stabilize & localize

the agriculture market in the Highlands of Ethiopia

through job creation & apple production.

Ethiopia, the second-most-populous country in Africa, was importing almost all of its apples from South Africa, Europe, and the U.S., which made them a luxury good 11 months out of the year. That 12th month was when Ethiopian apple farms harvested their crop and had to sell them quickly and cheaply before they went bad.
— Jacob Steimer, Memphis Biz Journal

What We've Achieved

What’s next

  • Purchased land in the Highlands of Ethiopia and established a farm

  • Hired more than 150 laborers to plant & maintain the tress and harvest when it’s time

  • Planted over 48k apple trees of 11 different varieties

  • Maintained a majority (over 55%) women led workforce

  • Looking to invest in fruit processing facility

  • Local and regional cold storage facility

  • Continue to help Government with cold chain logistics

  • Build an export market with nearby countries who are currently importing their produce